Cellular modems for computers and mobile devices Tax Free

Cellular Modems at Sim Cafe

For one or many simultaneous.

With/without a sim card.

In different sizes.

Price range: 150₪-600₪

Recharging 3G/4G data balance

At Sim Cafe you can find cards dedicated to recharging 3G/4G data balance.

Nowadays, Sim Cafe offers cards from 5 providers: Partner (Orange), Cellcom, Pelephone, Hot Mobile and Telzar.

Not all cellular devices can surf the internet. Consultation is advised.

The cards should fit the cellular network provider.

You can also buy a sim card of the desired cellular network.

Recharging 3G/4G Data Balance Cards at Sim Cafe

Cellcom Unlimited

Data Only - Cellcom 100GB

149₪. Valid for a month.

Cellcom 10GB

Data Only - Cellcom 10GB

129₪. Valid for a month.

Cellcom 5GB

Data Only - Cellcom 5GB

99₪. Valid for a month.

Hot Mobile 18GB

Data Only - Hot Mobile 18GB

140₪. Valid for a month.

Hot Mobile 6GB

Data Only - Hot Mobile 6GB

49₪. Valid for a month.

Pelephone 8GB

Data Only - Pelephone 8GB

70₪. Valid for a month.

Pelephone 3GB

Data Only - Pelephone 3GB

39₪. Valid for a month.


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