Office Services (Print/Scan/Copy/Fax)

There are 2 computer stations you can use at Sim Cafe.

Both of them have Windows in 5 languages: Hebrew, English, Russian, French and Arabic.

There's a fast internet connection and the main Office Programs: Word, Excel, Powerpoint.

You can also print, copy, scan and send faxes.

2 Computer Stations at Sim Cafe

Computer with Office and internet

Computer With Unlimited Internet and Office Programs at Sim Cafe

Internet speed: up to 100/MBit per second.

Unlimited internet usage.

Half an hour - 10₪

An hour - 15₪

Smoking area with cofee

Smoking area with cofee at Sim Cafe

There's a Crema coofee-shop nearby.

Hot and cold drinks are served for just 5₪.

There are also salads and sandwitches for 5₪.

On Fridays it serves authentic eastern kitchen meals.

Green and calming view

Green and calming view at Sim Cafe

Sim Cafe is not just very useful but also a very pleasant place to be in.

Printer, copier and a fax machine

Printer, copier, scanner and a fax machine at Sim Cafe

First page - 5₪

Every other page - 2₪


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